July 7, 2009

What inspires me? Do I follow my dreams? Do I spend my time wisely? Am I doing what actually is inspirational?

Answers….NO.NO..NO and NO!

Time to change all that…time to really think about those questions…time to think deeply. I don’t like to do’s a bit scary. What is inspirational? What are my dreams? Can I begin to spend my time more wisely ? Hmmmmmmmmm….thoughts to ponder today. I hope to get out in the sun today….that will motivate me to think about these questions of life.

Of course Socrates once said…A life without examination is not worth living…. Hmm….time to examine min!


3 Responses to “Inspiration??”

  1. jscottlegworks said

    It’ll be time well spent! Let us know what you uncover.

    J Scott

  2. Kate said

    So important to ask yourself these questions on a regular basis because they often change during different stages of your life!

  3. Good for you! Sometimes we live like frogs in a well…we’re just barely surviving in our own little world, oblivious to the huge world of opportunities and fun out there in the big world! I hope you find your dream and really live out your life to its fullest!

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