Finding Joy…

July 9, 2009

What is joy? A feeling of happiness?  A momentary feeling…or long-term? I believe it’s long term.

What heppens to those old couples you see in a restaurant sitting staring out the window unable to make conversation anymore? Are they bored? Do they no longer find joy in one another’ s company? Have they run out of things to say? Or is it deeper than that? Is there really joy there…and words are no longer needed to fill the empty space? Do they instead pay attention to the details of the restaurant…or the lines on the face of the waiter/waitress…wondering what caused those? Saving those comments for later…or keep them to oneself…..



One Response to “Finding Joy…”

  1. Joy to me is: being able to maintain inner peace no matter in what circumstances or situations. True joy is stable and independent from any problem or fortunes in our life, I think.

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