All or nothing

July 21, 2009

What is it with the “all or nothing” attitude I have adopted somewhere in my life? If I exercise …it’s all…or nothing…every day or not at all. If I eat junk…it’s not just a piece…it’s everything or nothing…. Same with dieting… I am really strict…or not…

This has to stop.  It is so unhealthy. ! Why do we do this? Is this what it means to have an addictive-type personality?

Things to ponder….


One Response to “All or nothing”

  1. Hanlie said

    I think it ties in with the idea that we can attain “perfection”. It’s been my problem for many, many years, but I’m finally starting to learn that I don’t have to be 100% or perfect. I just have to do my best and I’m good enough. It’s changing my life!

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