Is this all there is?

December 29, 2009

Did you ever wake up and think…”Is this all there is?”


Try again

December 7, 2009

Ok….so I failed last week…. I will try again!

Not a consistent blogger

December 1, 2009

Although I have not been a consistent blogger, it certainly doesn’t mean I don’t think about it. Today a friend of mine inspired me to continue blogging. If for no other reason then self-therapy. We all need a bit of that, am I right?

I am still trying to figure things out…probably always will be. I am in the midst of trying to make healthy changes in my lifestyle. I plan to focus on this for the next 9 days, yesterday was day one of what I call my “10 day fast”…not a true fast, mind you…so no lectures. Rather a fast of things that clutter my head. I want to figure out what is toxic and what is important. Hopefully this process will be helpful.

Any suggestions welcome!

Have a fabulous day!